Commercial Window Cleaning Tip

Countless businesses with a physical location face the same constant dilemma – What’s the best, most cost-effective way to keep our windows clean? Do we train someone to handle that job, or do we hire an outside contractor? No matter the best course of action for your business, the importance of keeping your windows cleaned can’t be overstated. Clean, clear, streak-free windows are essential to upholding a professional, welcoming image.

Whether you’re training an in-house window cleaner or seeking help from another professional, there are a few things to know about the process that will ensure your commercial windows always look their best.

Use the Right Tools
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Top 5 Areas for Professional Cleaning

In this blog, we’re looking at the top five areas of your business that will benefit most from professional cleaning services.

A clean business makes a great first impression and can mean happier and healthier employees. Anytime the seasons change, it’s the perfect chance for businesses to reassess the state of their property and reinvigorate a few key areas.

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Commercial Janitorial Services: Everything You Need to Know

You’re a business owner or operator, so you know just how important it is to have a clean business if you want to make a good first impression. Whether yours is a traditional office building, a retail store or another type of space, its condition and cleanliness can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

If you’re not in the cleaning industry, you might not realize that there is a difference between commercial janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. Yes, they both focus on cleaning and organizing specific areas, but who covers what? It’s good to know the difference between these services so you can hire the right team of professionals for your needs.

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Ready to Reopen: Our Free COVID-19 Back-to-School Guide

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s lives, including children’s, who have missed out on opportunities to learn, socialize and have fun. As states continue to reopen and begin planning for students to return to their classrooms, it’s vital to be mindful of how the Coronavirus has changed their learning environments and prepare accordingly. And as businesses, restaurants and shops begin to reopen too, it may feel like life is normal again, but we still need to continue to follow state and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) health and safety guidelines.

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Commercial Window Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve heard the saying before: businesses with dirty windows are like nice smiles with yellow teeth. If you want to make a good first impression when employees, tenants, and visitors see your building, it is essential to have clean windows at all times. But, before you go contacting a commercial window cleaner, you need to understand a few things about commercial window cleaning.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a quick rundown of what commercial window cleaning is, how it’s performed, and what you should be looking for in a provider, so you can make an informed decision and keep your business looking pristine.

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Ready To Reopen: Free COVID-19 Back-to-Work Guide

As we move further into June, many businesses are starting to reopen again and have begun welcoming staff and the public back. Things may be feeling like they’re somewhat going “back to normal,” but that does not mean the COVID-19 pandemic is over. The CDC is still urging both businesses and individuals to continue maintaining safety precautions in order to reduce risk and prevent a second wave of COVID-19 from spreading.

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COVID-19 & Reopening: Your Back to Work Checklist


With select states lifting their stay-at-home orders and allowing certain businesses to reopen, it’s time for some business owners, facility managers, and HR departments to begin planning for reopening.  

Using the CDC’s official guidelines, Commercial Cleaning Corporation created this checklist to help you develop, implement, and maintain a reopening plan, so your customers and employees can safely enter.

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Electrostatic Disinfection FAQ

How does electrostatic spray work?

Electrostatic spray gives objects an even, 360-degree coating made possible by the negative charge of the sprayed solution as it exits the tool’s nozzle and the positive charge of the surfaces it reaches. It effectively atomizes cleaning solutions in this way, using electrostatics to attach to and wrap around harmful microorganisms and remove them from surfaces, including those that are difficult to reach.

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Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) & Cleaning: Protecting Your Workplace

With the threat of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases increasing by the day, it’s vital that business owners, facility managers, and HR departments take proper steps in the workplace to keep your employees safe and healthy with infectious disease remediation. So far, there’s still a lot that’s unknown about the COVID-19 virus, but there is a lot that we do know, based on previous experience with similar coronaviruses.

In this blog, we’re taking a quick look at 5 tips for keeping your workplace safe from the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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What Is Electrostatic Disinfection and How Does It Work?

When it comes to cleaning surfaces and objects, traditional dry and wet dusting tends to be the first methods that come to mind. While these cleaning techniques are tried and true, they do little more than spread filth around, unless the rags used are washed regularly. Dry dusting kicks up resting particles, redistributing them into the air and onto other surfaces. Wet dusting can involve harmful cleaning chemicals and make it hard to reach certain spots or objects. For sensitive places, like clean rooms, R&D labs, healthcare facility cleaning and schools, there’s a more effective method for stripping dirt, dust and germs from surfaces that require specialized sanitation: electrostatic spray.

Looking for information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Visit our helpful Coronavirus page.

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