CDC Reopening Guidelines

The CDC encourages continued disease prevention efforts, but also recommends taking a specific three-step reopening approach to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

  • Develop a flexible, compliant cleaning plan. Determine what needs to be cleaned and disinfected and what resources and equipment is required to get the job done.
  • Implement your plan safely and thoroughly. Clean visibly dirty surfaces, choose the proper cleaning products and follow safe product use instructions.
  • Maintain and revise your plan. Continue regular cleaning and disinfection, practice healthy hygiene and observe social distancing at your facility.

What to Clean & Disinfect

Surfaces that aren’t frequently touched should be cleaned, but don’t necessarily need to be disinfected. If your facility has been unoccupied for a week or more, it will require routine cleaning to reopen

Additional Considerations

If you’re pursuing a reopen, the CDC also urges you to consider:

  • Identifying opportunities for exposure at your facility
  • Exploring flexible sick leave and related policies
  • Establishing social distancing (desk partitions, remote work)
  • Educating staff on disease prevention tactics
  • Improving ventilation and providing hygiene resources
  • Performing enhanced cleaning and disinfection

Find more specific guidelines for your facility type in these resources from the CDC and FDA:

You can also review state-specific direction by visiting the PA Department of Health’s COVID-19 Information for Businesses page and the State of New Jersey’s COVID-19 Information Hub.

Reopening Strategy Help

Get in touch with the Commercial Cleaning Corporation team today to develop your cleaning strategy or supplement your existing program with us. You can also use our quick-tip checklist based on the CDC’s new guidelines, COVID-19 & Reopening: Your Back-to-Work Checklist, to inform your next steps.