Top 5 Areas to Have Professionally Cleaned This Fall

A clean business makes a great first impression and can mean happier and healthier employees.

Fall is a great time to have your business commercially cleaned in preparation for the winter months. Let’s talk about the areas that can benefit the most.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Your office windows are one of the first things customers see when entering your office space so it’s important that they reflect well on your business.

Commercially cleaned windows not only help control germs and prevent mold growth, but they also make a positive impact on your business’s appearance and contributes to a healthy atmosphere for those working in your facility.

Professional Cleaning Services Reduce Dust and Pollutants

With the colder months approaching, we will begin closing doors and windows, which reduces air ventilation and increases dust build-up.

Over the winter months we begin to see dust and other pollutants accumulate more on desks, computers, chairs, and other workspaces. This accumulation  decreases overall indoor air quality and may contribute to an increase in allergies.

By having your HVAC system professionally cleaned, you will reduce the level of pollutants and protect your indoor air quality creating a healthier environment.

Commercial Cleaning Helps Control Workplace Germs

Commercial cleaning companies use specialized products and techniques that provide exceptional results when it comes to office cleaning.

A thorough cleaning helps to get rid of germs and bacteria that tend to linger around your workplace, especially around the high touch points of the office.

Keeping germs and bacteria to a minimum is one of the keys to reducing employee sick time this winter.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and floors are germ sponges and see the most abuse from the elements each year.

After a season of walking around the grass, sidewalks, and even the beach, your carpet is left with all types of grime, dirt and bacteria that has been transferred from outside into your office from shoes.

An important part of keeping your office clean and healthy during the winter is making sure your floors are cleaned on a regular basis.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned will give you a fresh start to the winter season by removing all the dust, allergens, and everything else sitting in your carpet.

Deep cleaning the carpets at least once a year, and preferably more, can help keep your carpets looking new. Vacuuming and steaming or sweeping daily will help cut down on the germs as well.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Another great way to prepare your business for the cold weather is to get your  hard-surface floors commercially cleaned. During the winter months, your employees, clients, and customers will be spending a lot of time inside, bringing in more dirt.

Commercial floor cleaning and waxing can inject new life into your floors and goes a long way in protecting them. If you have noticed that your floors are looking noticeably dirty and dull, then now is a great time to have your floors professionally cleaned.

Commercial Cleaning Corporation

The professionals at Commercial Cleaning Corporation provide a wide array of services, including regular daily office cleaning and janitorial services, as well as intensive cleaning projects such as deep carpet cleaning and floor cleaning and stripping and waxing.

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