What is Green Cleaning and Why is it Important?

Green Cleaning is the umbrella term for any type of cleaning that can be considered eco-friendly. This can be anything from using a non-toxic carpet cleaner to cleaning a sink with vinegar and baking soda. Green cleaning can even refer to the use of recycled materials in product packaging.

With the COVID-19 crisis businesses, schools, and other facilities are beginning to take cleaning more seriously than before. Green cleaning solutions are not only safer to use, they have simpler ingredients and are not harmful to the environment.

Green Cleaning Terms to Know

It is important to understand what different “green” labels really mean. Keep in mind that the words themselves are generally not regulated, but you can check for certification seals. A complete and detailed list can be found on the FTC website.

  • Green simply means that the product is safer for one’s health and the health of the planet.
  • Eco-friendly is a term used for products that have a reduced impact on the environment.
  • Non-toxic refers to a product or ingredient that has not been associated with any negative health effects.
  • Cruelty-free means the product has not been tested on animals.
  • Organic refers to products that follow certain rules, like never using GMOs. See a full list on the U.S. Department of Agriculture site.
  • Natural generally means that the product is mostly biobased as opposed to petroleum based.

Green Cleaning Products are Safer and Environmentally Friendly

There are many ways green cleaning can improve your life. Many traditional cleaning products contain chemicals like chlorine or ammonia, which can cause skin irritation, breathing difficulties, and other health concerns. By switching to green cleaning, you are minimizing your exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals while creating a safer environment for yourself and those inside your facility.

Whenever a cleaning product is used, chemicals are released into the environment, whether they are being washed down the sink or sprayed into the air. Swapping out your conventional cleaning products for greener options cuts down on environmental pollution and helps maintain better air quality inside and outside your facility.

Green Cleaning is More Cost Effective

Furthermore, green cleaning solutions tend to be less expensive and much more cost-effective than regular cleaners, especially when bought in bulk. We are often presented with a wide array of expensive products for each specific surface in our home or business – desks, counters, chairs, toilets, electronics, and more. However, Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects can be done using minimal products if the right ones are used.

Household ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice, all of which are staples for green cleaning, are multipurpose cleaning solutions that can tackle a variety of surfaces and areas. It is also worth noting that, as more cleaning manufacturers transition to green cleaning, non-toxic alternatives are likely to be competitively priced making them more cost effective for the end user.

Know What’s in Your Cleaning Products

Another important benefit of green cleaning is being able to know what ingredients are in the products you are using. The U.S. government does not require manufacturers of cleaning products to list ingredients, which can be a major concern for consumers.

In contrast, many green cleaning companies are more likely to be transparent about what goes into their products. This is especially useful knowledge for those using green cleaning products in places where vulnerable or sensitive people frequent, such as daycare centers, homes for the elderly, and K-12 schools to name a few.

Green cleaning provides numerous benefits, from ease of use to fewer chemicals and safety concerns. That is why Commercial Cleaning Corporation is proud to be a green cleaning company.

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