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What is my building saying quiz



The psychology of clean, take this test to find out what your building is saying about your company.

optical illusion

Dr. Michio Kaku says one of the main things that separates humans from other mammals is our ability to fill in gaps of knowledge with foresight. We use past experiences, perception, and subtle clues about the environment to fill in all those information gaps. Does black hole the picture to the right look like it is getting bigger? This illusion happens because your brain is anticipating  what is going to happen next and dilatates your eyes slightly.

What does this all have to do with your building? When a potential client or an employee enters your building, they are picking up all types of subtle clues about how your company does business just by examining the environment. Your building is subconsciously speaking to them, but what is it saying? Take the following test to find out!


 Give yourself 2 points for each question you answer yes to.


___ My hard floors are mostly clean and shiny
___ I rarely notice dirt and debris when walking through the halls
___ Ledges, floorboards or windowsills are free from a layer of dust
___ There are no stains on the carpet
___ When I use the bathroom facilities it is always fully stocked
___ My building bathrooms feel clean and comfortable to use
___ I would let children play on the floor
___ The break room is an enjoyable clean environment to eat
___ The glass in my building  is never smudged
___ The waiting or common area is typically clean and inviting
___ Giving a client or new employee a tour of the building makes me feel a sense of pride

If you scored 18+
Congrats! Your building is singing your companies praises, they are saying “Here is a company that has its stuff together! These guys are organized and have a clean bright future! They have a level of prestige to them which you should take into consideration when comparing value”

10-16 score
Your building is a little shy, perhaps it’s not singing your companies praises but maybe not talking bad about it either. Doing minimum cleaning may not have a negative impact on perception but is also won’t have a positive one either.

A score of 8 or below 
Your building has a bit to say about your company. It might be saying things like:  “I’m not sure if this company is organized enough. Pay more attention to quality when working with them. Some employees here lack company pride”

Everyone can agree being in a clean and organized environment produces a positive mindset. The good news is that even if a company is lacking in this area, investing in proper cleaning services can give an immediate effect. Especially to current clients and employees who will feel the company is going places.

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