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Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Corp, founded in 1927, is one of the largest and most reliable cleaning companies in the Tri-state area.

We have clients and employees who have been with us for multiple decades. We believe the key to these long-term relationships is providing a quality, consistent, and cost-effective cleaning service that requires minimal oversight by the client. 

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How we maintain quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

Service Area Map

Areas We Service

We mainly service 30-40 miles from Trenton area but depending on the scope of the work or distance to other clients we can sometimes service farther out.

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Industries we excel in: Click below to learn more about how we tackle the unique challenges of each industry

While we have experience cleaning most types of businesses there are several more complicated industries that require special consideration and experience. The following industries are ones we have an extensive experience servicing.

Cleaning Service For Medical & Healthcare Facilities

Cleaning Services For Educational Facilities

  • K-12 Schools, Universities, and Pre-schools

Cleaning for Construction Real Estate industry

  • Property Management, Post – Construction clean up, Tennant turnover cleaning, Common Area cleaning, Pre-construction clean up, and Concrete floor polishing

Kitchen Restaurant Services

  • Deep kitchen cleaning, equipment cleaning, dining area, and floor polishing

Industrial Facilities

  • Large warehouses, Manufacturing facilities and Large retail stores

We provide weekly or daily janitorial cleaning services to a wide verity of companies.

Janitorial services

Our portfolio of companies range from fortune 500 buildings, large private schools, Multi-chain urgent care facilities, hospitals, universities, food chains and more. Thinking about outsourcing your facility staff? We can help! We offer day porters and maintenance services for your building in addition to routine nightly cleanings. Outsourced facility cleaning means never having to deal with managing attendance, training or quality problems. Take a look at our cleaning cost calculator to see if we can save you time and money. Schedule a Consultation

Shiny commercial flooringOur trained dedicated floor polishing professionals can make your floors shine. Having a regular scheduled floor maintenance plan can save you money over the long run. Plus impress your visitors with beautiful shining flooring year round. No matter what type of flooring, linoleum, vinyl composite tile, stone, hardwood or concrete, we have the professionals that know the best practice for your floor polishing. Take a look at some before and after floor strip and wax services.
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Commercial Kitchen cleaningOne of our specialties is providing kitchen equipment cleaning services for restaurants, cafeterias, fast food establishments and more. We use a steam cleaning process that is powerful on grime but gentle on your expensive equipment and food safe chemicals.
Visit our commercial kitchen cleaning page to see before and after cleaning services for kitchens.
Kitchen Cleaning Specials

post demolition cleaningYou did all the hard work leave the post construction clean up to commercial cleaning corp. We can provide debris removal, clear out all the construction dust, making your new construction clean and beautiful. Our company has helped construction site clean up in Bucks County, Princeton, Trenton, Philadelphia and many more areas in the tri-state. We work with all project sizes, call us today for your next commercial construction clean up job.

Construction Cleaning Specials

Electrostatic disinfectantIn 2020 the CDC recommended utilizing electrostatic spray services to disinfect large areas quickly. Commercial Cleaning Corp had already been the leading industry provider of electrostatic disinfection for our private schools and medical facility clients. Our cutting edge technology became a staple service for companies needing to disinfect. Routine disinfecting services can have a positive health effect on any high traffic space. In addition we offer anti-antimicrobial cleaning services that can keep cleaning for up to 90 days after treatment.

Electrostatic Disinfection Spray Specials

cleaning a window

We offer commercial window cleaning services for all types of buildings. We have the equipment to get to hard to reach areas and use top of the line products for a quality window cleaning every time.

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building maintenanceWe can handle most light maintenance of your building, from painting, repairs, plumbing and more we can keep your building facilities running smooth and efficient. Call us today to see if we can  handle your facility maintenance needs.