Why Concrete Floor Polishing

Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing in an Industrial Facility

Concrete flooring is typically the cost-effective option when building a large warehouse or industrial facility. But is it the most cost effective to cleaning a large warehouse? Arguably not, anyone who has been in an industrial facility with concrete flooring knows that rough, uneven surface of the concrete creates a haven for dusts and dirt particles to gather. The porous surface is also prone to absorbing any liquid spills. That is where concrete floor polishing can come in and offer a better solution for a more quality environment.

Maintenance benefits of concrete polishing

Concrete floor polishing machine

Concrete polishing smooths out the surface of the flooring. This helps to lower the time it takes to sweep the floor dramatically. Warehouses often use floor brooms to try and remove dirt from the floor surface; it takes a heavy scrape to push the particles in a particular direction, and typically the dust is thrown in the air as a result. With a polished floor you can use a microfiber dust mop that traps particles as it glides smoothly across the floor eliminating the potential of airborne dust. There is far less friction to run a duster mop over the smooth polished concrete surface then a rough pitted concrete floor and the task of cleaning polished floors becomes much faster and more effective.

A polished concrete surface is also denser than plain concrete. It is easier to remove spilled material before it seeps into the surface of the flooring.

Over time, forklifts and heavy machinery can run over uneven and pitted concrete causing additional damage to the flooring. A small concrete imperfection can become a large crack or divot. By polishing the concrete, you make sure the floor is even and smooth across the surfaces. This will greatly reduce the damage caused by dropping things or heavy equipment.


Health benefits of polishing concrete floors

Your employees will also be healthier and more productive thanks to your polished concrete flooring. The smooth surface of your polished warehouse floors gathering less dust and allows it to be removed easier. This means less warehouse dust will be kicked up into the atmosphere as the employees move around the facility.
Taking steps to limit warehouse dust inhalation could lead to a variety of positive effects for employees, including:

  • Less respiratory related sickness
  • Employees will feel better and have more energy
  • Take less antihistamine type medicine that can make them groggy and unproductive
  • Have less absences
  • Recover faster from other illnesses without the taxation of immune system from dust irritation
  • Emotional perceptual effect, there are plenty of studies that say being in a clean environment raises your perception of quality and has a positive emotional effect.

Floor Polishing complete

Safer flooring with concrete polishing

By removing pitting and uneven surfaces, warehouses and industrial facilities are less likely to suffer accidents. The ability to effectively remove unwanted spills can also prevent harmful chemicals and fumes from entering the flooring.

Downfalls of polished concrete

While there are many benefits to concrete polishing, it is important to understand some of the negatives of it as well.

Concrete flooring expectations Vs. Reality

Concrete polishing does not make floors look like an automotive showroom. Often the expectation is the flooring to be as smooth as marble and a shiny as glass. The reality is that polishing concrete, while certainly more attractive can have many visual defects.

  • Concrete Polished floors can have a cloudy look to it
  • Sometimes there are patterns that emerge from previous flooring
  • Floors could have different types of concretes poured in different areas causing them to look different from one area to another
  • Deep floor stains can be amplified with polishing

Problems with previous flooring

If you are removing other flooring such as vct tiles, there may be a glue residue that would need to be properly removed before the concrete could be polished. Depending on the product this can be a lot of additional labor that diminishes the anticipated cost savings of concrete polishing.

As long as you have the right expectations, concrete polishing can add, cost savings, cleanliness, health benefits and an aesthetic value to your warehouse or industrial property.

Below are some nicely done examples of floor polishing. Contact us today to schedule the concrete floor polishing of your industrial facility!

Commercial Floor Care Concrete

concrete polishing before concrete polishing after

CCC Awards First Annual Higher Education Grant

grant winners


Commercial Cleaning Corporation launched its first annual grant program in May of 2022. The new scholarship program is aimed at providing support for the company’s employees who have children attending higher learning. Commercial Cleaning Corp awarded three, two-thousand-dollar grants to those employees who applied and were selected by a committee. Horacio Cruz-Mendoza, a recipient of one of the grants is the first in his family to attend college. Commercial Cleaning Corp plans to offer this grant annually and is looking forward to continuing the program for years to come. “We are constantly striving for ways provide a positive work experience for our employees” Said Michael Rosen President of Commercial Cleaning Corp “This project meant a great deal to me, higher education is important, and I’m honored to be able to provide support to our employees for that.” Read more “CCC Awards First Annual Higher Education Grant”

Commercial Window Cleaning Tip

Countless businesses with a physical location face the same constant dilemma – What’s the best, most cost-effective way to keep our windows clean? Do we train someone to handle that job, or do we hire an outside contractor? No matter the best course of action for your business, the importance of keeping your windows cleaned can’t be overstated. Clean, clear, streak-free windows are essential to upholding a professional, welcoming image.

Whether you’re training an in-house window cleaner or seeking help from another professional, there are a few things to know about the process that will ensure your commercial windows always look their best.

Use the Right Tools
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New Pandemic Standards For Hygiene In Commercial Buildings

New Pandemic Standards For Hygiene In Commercial Buildings

A 2021 study revealed that over 50% of people felt anxious about contracting coronavirus in the workplace. To ease anxiety for commercial tenants, businesses must emphasize providing building users with health and safety measures.employees with masks on


What are the new pandemic standards for hygiene in commercial buildings? Keep reading to learn how you can increase hygiene in your commercial properties to comply with new standards and ease anxiety for your tenants.

Social Distancing Layouts

One of the essential considerations for property managers following the pandemic is new layouts that promote social distancing. Social distancing was government mandated at the height of the pandemic. Building designers needed to design layouts with social distancing in mind.

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Ultimate Property Management Cleaning Checklist 

Property Management Cleaning Checklistafter commercial pressure washing of building

One of our specialties at Commercial Cleaning Corp. is managing the facilities of residential and corporate multi tenant buildings. When you own real estate properties the last thing you want to be bogged down with it facility services. Many of our property management clients have been with us multiple decades because of our consistent quality services. We service New Jersey, Bucks County and more with our property management cleaning janitorial services. Read more “Ultimate Property Management Cleaning Checklist “

Ultimate Guide to School Cleaning

Ultimate guide to school cleaning and reopening in 2022

It’s hard to believe school is almost here and with the new year comes new challenges and even the addition of a new viral threat. Commercial Cleaning Corp has put together a school cleaning guide packed with tips to help you prepare for a safe and healthy 2022-2023 school year.

Proper Ventilation Keeping School Air Clean

kids in a classroom getting instruction

CDC has recommended that proper ventilation be a primary topic of discussion in the reopening of schools this fall. Given the airborne nature of Covid19 recent research is saying that by rotating the air in the classroom this fall you can significantly lower your risk of spreading covid19. In addition to the reduced risk of spreading disease there are also studies that show a lower co2 level in the classroom helps enhance learning.

The official CDC recommendation is to completely change the air in a classroom 6 times per hour. This is referred to as ACH or air changes per hour. When you see a recommendation of 6 ACH you can understand they are saying your ventilation system should be able to completely replace the air in the room 6 times per hour.

In order to address the ventilation topic, the CDC website has added several features for schools to test and optimize their ventilation. However, you may want to call in your HVAC manager for this part as the concepts can get very technical. We tried to break it down in simple terms to easily understand in our school cleaning guide. If you would like to go down the technical road here are a few links to follow.
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Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Training and Trust Are Keys to Medical Grade Commercial Cleaning

Hclean dental office medical facilityealthcare facilities, more than any other industry rely on commercial cleaning services when cleaning their facility. Medical facility cleaning services consist of three main goals:


  • Meeting strict federal safety and privacy requirements.
  • Protecting the health and safety of the medical team and patients.
  • Presenting a clean, attractive atmosphere that builds confidence between patients and their providers.


Unlike other buildings, cleanliness in medical facilities serve dual functions of providing both surface cleanliness and infection prevention.

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Best Way to Clean a Commercial Restaurant Kitchen?

kitchen cleaning services a fryer
Click the picture to see the result of this fryer cleaning on our kitchen cleaning page!

What is best when cleaning a commercial kitchen?

When you have a restaurant, commercial kitchen or any type of food and beverage manufacturing facility cleanliness must be your top priority. This is  to ensure the safety and health of your patrons. With food safety of utmost importance, it is vital to keep kitchen appliances, equipment and surfaces clean.

A higher level of clean and safety is important for industries that manufacture or process consumable goods. This sector includes commercial kitchens, restaurants, a variety of food and beverage operations, as well as packaging applications that pack food or consumable items for transportation and distribution.

Facilities in the food and beverage industries have equipment and tools that regularly come into contact with grease, food residue, and oily by-products. This residue  quickly builds up on equipment and create health and safety hazards.

Typically kitchens are cleaned by hand with manual scrubbing and by using harsh oven degreasers and disinfectant sprays. The residue from sprays and chemicals can spread across ovens, food prep areas, counter tops, and even floors.

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