Deep Kitchen Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Customers always notice when a restaurant fails to keep its dining room and kitchen clean – and health inspectors notice, too. Commercial Cleaning Corporation helps restaurants meet and exceed stringent health codes and inspection benchmarks with deep kitchen cleaning solutions and regular maintenance services.

Temperature-controlled storage environments that hold spoilable products can encourage mold growth if not properly maintained, which can ruin the integrity of the unit and the products inside. From commercial kitchen hood cleaning services to exhaust fan cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning teams can execute the proper regular cleaning efforts needed for walk-in freezers, grills and griddles, kitchen ovens, deep fryers, proofing drawers and ovens, sinks, countertops, and other commercial kitchen areas.

we offer a variety of detailed restaurant

kitchen cleaning services that ensure every

inch of your facility is sanitized

To maintain the health and safety of your commercial kitchen, we offer a variety of detailed restaurant kitchen cleaning services that ensure every inch of your facility is sanitized, from kitchen walls and surfaces to fryers and fridges. Our packages provide an expert clean and eliminate the need for kitchen staff training on proper cleaning tools and techniques. For happy health inspectors, satisfied customers, and an outstanding restaurant reputation, partner with Commercial Cleaning Corporation for all your commercial kitchen cleaning services.

How to Clean a Walk-In Freezer

  • Keep the freezer free of spills, dirt, and spoiled products on a frequent basis
  • Use soap and water to clean the freezer, avoiding harsh chemicals
  • Clean the evaporator and condensing coils at least twice a year
  • Inspect drain lines to clear debris and runoff buildup
  • Check the freezer’s temperature daily for optimal settings
  • Inspect the door frame and hinges quarterly to prevent grime and mold growth

How to Clean a Hood & Exhaust System

  • Disassemble, clean, and degrease the hood, including filter tracts and grease troughs
  • Remove the roof or wall-mounted fan to degrease the base, shroud, and blades
  • Clean all ducts of the hood’s exhaust system
  • Inspect and replace loose or worn fan belts