In academic, hospital, and assisted living kitchens and other eateries, cleanliness is just a virtue but a strict regulatory requirement. Commercial Cleaning Corporation specializes in professional commercial kitchen cleaning, ensuring your kitchen spaces meet and exceed health codes, inspection benchmarks, and the expectations of staff and users. Our deep kitchen cleaning solutions and regular maintenance services address all critical areas of your establishment, from dining spaces to the heart of your kitchen. Whether it’s sanitizing surfaces, managing temperature-controlled environments, or maintaining high-performing appliances, our team is equipped to handle every challenge.

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Experienced Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Selecting Commercial Cleaning Corporation as your kitchen cleaning provider means opting for excellence and reliability in maintaining the hygiene and functionality of your commercial kitchen. Our comprehensive approach ensures that spoilage is minimized and sanitation is maximized, keeping your business pristine and inspection-ready at all times. We offer a broad spectrum of kitchen cleaning services designed to cover every inch of your kitchen—from cooking, serving, and eating surfaces to intricate components of your preparation equipment. Our specialized services include hood and exhaust fan cleaning, as well as detailed attention to walk-in freezers, grills, griddles, ovens, and other essential kitchen fixtures. Our expert teams are well-versed in the latest kitchen cleaning techniques, removing the burden of training your staff on these critical tasks. By partnering with us, you ensure the health and safety of your kitchen and enhance your facility’s reputation, keeping health inspectors, staff, and users satisfied and loyal.

Innovative Cleaning Technology

Commercial Cleaning Corporation employs advanced electrostatic spray disinfection technology alongside our eco-friendly cleaning practices to deliver a tailored cleaning solution for diverse settings. This innovative technology uses electrically charged solutions, including disinfectants, mold inhibitors, and sanitizers, to effectively cleanse objects and surfaces that are difficult to access. Using this method ensures a complete and effective cleaning of commercial kitchens, covering all areas comprehensively.

Green Antimicrobial Protection

Utilize EPA-approved PRO-Techs antimicrobial surface protection technology to efficiently remove a broad spectrum of germs and pathogens from surfaces in your commercial kitchen spaces. This eco-friendly antimicrobial coating actively neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous microorganisms on contact, offering protection for up to 90 days on treated surfaces throughout your kitchen.

Choose CCC as Your Kitchen Cleaning Partner

Prioritize health and hygiene at your commercial kitchen to safeguard the reputation of your university, college, hospital, or assisted living facility and keep your business compliant with all relevant health regulations. Trust Commercial Cleaning Corporation to deliver professional-grade commercial kitchen sanitation services that support your goals of excellence in food service and customer or patient satisfaction. Our specialists provide deep kitchen cleaning for all surfaces and equipment to prevent mold growth and ensure all operations run smoothly, from countertops and sinks to exhaust systems, fryers, ovens, and refrigeration units. Partner with us for all your commercial kitchen cleaning needs.