Corporate Office Cleaning Services in New Jersey

From public areas and offices to boardrooms and breakrooms, Commercial Cleaning Corporation is a leader in helping New Jersey businesses like yours stay clean and run smoothly. Our comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services accommodate a wide spectrum of offices, from small buildings and corporate headquarters to campuses and office parks.

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A company that operates smoothly and efficiently is every business owner’s dream, but this dream can’t be realized with an office that doesn’t foster productivity while making a great first impression on clients, partners, and new hires. A professional corporate cleaning company allows you to take the next step towards building a healthier and happier work environment that accelerates the success of any team in any space they occupy.

Today’s workforce has high expectations for businesses, looking for those that remain professional and offer a clean, welcoming office space for employees to work. Keeping your workplace’s commonly used areas as clean as possible has many health benefits for your staff. Practicing good hygiene habits at the office and disinfecting shared surfaces help mitigate the spread of germs and viruses between surfaces and individuals. With decades of experience, Commercial Cleaning Corporation offers a qualified, professional workforce that simplifies office cleaning with end-to-end solutions. If you need office cleaning services in New Jersey, then contact us today!

Commercial Cleaning Corporation is a full-service janitorial and building maintenance provider with:

  • Guaranteed 24/7 support
  • Vapor cleaning
  • Electrostatic disinfecting
  • Bloodborne pathogen cleaning
  • Site-specific training
  • Routine inspections
  • Green, people-and-pet-friendly cleaning products
  • Smart Workforce Monitoring for all team members

Top Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

  • Ensure all employees have access to hand washing and disinfecting stations at all times
  • Regularly clean countertops, doorknobs, tables, chairs, and other office furniture
  • Clean breakrooms and communal eating areas at the end of every workday
  • Maintain tidy communal fridges by eliminating crumbs and spills and removing old food
  • Keep alcohol-based hand sanitizers and sprays near highly trafficked areas

Commercial Cleaning Corporation is Proud to Provide the Following Cleaning Services to all Corporate Offices in New Jersey:

  • Corporate Window Cleaning: Cost-effective, high-quality window cleaning ensures your building always reflects the best possible image.
  • Commercial Floor Care: A well-polished floor makes a bold statement about a building, its occupants, and a business’s commitment to the health of its employees and visitors.
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning: With professional cleaning and sanitizing services, your carpets and furnishings will remain visually appealing and hygienic.
  • Commercial Power Washing: Highly efficient power washing and soft washing solutions keep your building cleaner and stave off growth.
  • Electrostatic Disinfection Technology: Our advanced disinfecting technologies provide a 360-degree deep clean to every surface in your building.
  • Green Antimicrobial Protection: We’re partnered with PRO-Techs, an EPA-approved, breakthrough antimicrobial surface protection coating technology that permanently eliminates germs and microorganisms from your facility.

And so much more…

Commercial Cleaning Corporation is New Jersey’s trusted choice for a healthy, safe, and immaculately clean office environment. Contact us today and speak with our experienced team about our corporate office cleaning services in New Jersey, including janitorial services and building maintenance.

Other Industries We Serve

In addition to our corporate office cleaning services, we also provide commercial cleaning services to the following industries:

Assisted Living Facilities

School Facilities

Medical & Healthcare Facilities

Commercial Kitchens


Construction Sites

Industrial Facilities

Clean Rooms and R&D Facilities