Specialized Cleaning Services

Sanitizing and disinfecting workspaces is just one of our specialties. Commercial Cleaning Corporation provides a range of unique cleaning services that allow business owners to meet and exceed industry regulations for facility hygiene. Our advanced capabilities, namely our electrostatic spray technology, combat bacteria, mold, and other damaging organisms before they become legal issues. Commercial Cleaning Corporation can also serve as a janitorial and maintenance consultant, advising facilities with in-house custodial staff on how to improve operations.

About Electrostatic Spray Technology

Commercial Cleaning Corporation uses electrostatic spray technology to apply disinfectants, mold preventatives, and sanitizers efficiently and effectively. The electrostatic spray uses a wraparound effect (the result of electrical charging of the spray) to ensure that all three-dimensional objects and hard-to-reach places are coated evenly. The spray then attaches to all unwanted particles and is later collected with our specially-designed apparatus. This technology is frequently used in facilities where mold or a bacteria outbreak has been suspected or identified.