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Medical Office Cleaning Services in New Jersey

When your business is healthcare you can’t afford to mess around with your cleaning processes. With almost a century of experience, Commercial Cleaning Corp has medical office cleaning services down to a science. Our many clients in NJ and PA trust us for their medical cleaning because our employees are trained in the latest infection control processes, use the proper medical grade chemicals, and have an extensive checks and balances to ensure consistent  quality service whether it’s day one or day 1001.

Our Medical Cleaning Services Include

  • Hospital Cleaning
  • Doctor Office Cleaning
  • Dentist Office Cleaning
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Clinical Care Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Cleaning of Rehabilitation or other treatment facilities
  • Iso and Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Manufacturing


Environmental cleaning and infection control in healthcare facilities are vital tasks that must be performed with the utmost care and attention by qualified staff who can conduct satisfactory microbial and disease remediation using proper cleaning procedures and methods. Our professional team in New Jersey can keep these spaces compliant with required guidelines and optimized for maximum safety to protect the health of patients, visitors, and staff.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of

professionally managed healthcare facility

& medical office cleaning services in New Jersey and Pa

To help you successfully manage your healthcare facilities in today’s environment, Commercial Cleaning Corporation offers medical and healthcare facilities in New Jersey with a comprehensive portfolio of professionally managed cleaning services with green cleaning technologies that ensure maximum sanitation. Partner with Commercial Cleaning Corporation for single needs or enterprise-wide solutions so you can deliver expert care and focus on the growth of your organization.

How Our Cleaning Team Can Help

  • Deliver medical and hospital cleaning services quickly and compliantly
  • Clean without causing damage to medical devices
  • Use green cleaning methods to improve conditions
  • Fight the spread of infections and diseases
  • Help healthcare organizations stay competitive
  • Create an optimal environment for customer experiences

Electrostatic Spray Technology

Environmental cleaning and infection control in healthcare facilities and hospitals are vital tasks to be taken seriously, which is why having a trusted partner with hospital cleaning services experience is a must at any facility. Commercial Cleaning Corporation comes fully equipped with the track record and tools to keep you compliant to guidelines for disinfection and sterilization while using green cleaning products and processes for maximum safety and efficiency.

Electrostatic Spray Technology

Our electrostatic surface cleaner is one such tool, allowing sanitizers, mold preventatives, and disinfectants to wrap around surfaces for a more complete clean. Electrostatic spray technology is an effective and efficient cleaning method only available through leading janitorial solution providers. Let Commercial Cleaning Corporation help you take control of your medical, hospital, or healthcare facility to better protect the health of patients, visitors, and staff.

Other Industries We Serve

Commercial Cleaning Corporation trusted team proudly provides quality commercial cleaning services to the following industries:

Assisted Living Facilities

School Facilities

Clean Rooms and R&D Facilities

Commercial Kitchens


Corporate Facilities 

Industrial Facilities

Construction Sites