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Industrial Cleaning Services

We provide cleaning services to industrial facilities in NJ, Princeton and Bucks County area

Facilities from all types of industries look to Commercial Cleaning Corporation for our janitorial expertise and benefit from our comprehensive industrial maintenance services. We have the natural flexibility and advanced resources to provide manufacturing facility cleaning and maintenance services tailored to your schedule without interrupting site production.

We have been in business since 1927 and are proud to say we have had customers and employees with us for multiple decades. Our company has extensive experience cleaning industrial facilities. We understand all the unique challenges of keeping a large factory, manufacture and warehouse areas clean.

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Cleaning a large warehouse building with expensive equipment can be a difficult process. That is why it is important to choose a cleaning company that has the experience and staff to coordinate such a large project. At Commercial Cleaning Corp we have clients with buildings up to 100,000 square feet.  Some of the details that we plan for when dealing with a large manufacturing, or warehouse facility include:

  • Coordinating the staff and coverage for consistent cleaning
  • Adhere to your standards of protective equipment
  • Use technology and automated cleaning where appropriate for cost savings
  • Train our staff to the specific needs of your industry

More than Industrial Cleaning Services

In addition to our profession large scale cleaning  and janitorial services we can provide other facility and general maintenance services for the company.
Some of the services we offer is:

Cost of Industrial Cleaning Services

At Commercial Cleaning Corp we provide comprehensive estimates to fix any budget. We use assistive technology for efficiency and cleaning cost savings. The first step would be to call us and we will schedule a walkthrough of your facility.

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We utilize leading technologies, including vapor cleaning and electrostatic services, to meet your specific needs for industrial commercial cleaning. Because speed to market is an imperative in your industry, Commercial Cleaning Corporation maximizes your internal efficiencies, making it easy for you to maintain a first-class manufacturing operation.