Commercial Power Washing Services in NJ PA

Commercial Building Power Washing Services

At Commercial Cleaning Corp. one of our many expertise is power washing and commercial soft washing services. What is the difference between power washing and soft washing?

Commercial Building Power Washing / Pressure Washing Service

As the name implies uses pressure and sometimes heat to remove dirt and grime from hard surfaces. Power washing and pressure washing can be used inner changeably as the mean the same process. Pressure washing is employed by most businesses to reduce allergies, minimize hazards, and improve aesthetics

What is power washing used for?

Power washing is great for hard sturdy surfaces like stone, concrete, composite decking material, pressure treated wood and more.

Commercial Soft Washing Services

The soft washing method uses a cleaning agent and less pressure. This is ideal for more delicate surfaces or ones that need a deeper clean. The first step is an application of a cleaning agent. Next a lower pressure is used to remove, dirt, grime and mold from the surface. A key benefit to soft washing is the removal of mold or moss contaminates that can be imbedded in the surfaces. This helps keep your building looking cleaner and staves off regrowth longer. Commercial Soft Washing is also great for rust, stains, oxidization or salt issues.

What is soft washing used for?

We recommend the use of soft washing on commercial siding cleaning, roof shingle cleaning, glass, rubber, metal, as well as any area with considerable mold or moss build up. Soft wash is the only acceptable method for treating stucco, EIFS, Hardie board, painted wood and other delicate surfaces.

Why choose us for your next power washing job? 

Commercial Cleaning Corp has been in business since 1927 we are not a franchise that outsources the work. We are a secure commercial cleaning company with trained employees and the proper insurance for any size commercial project. We are fully licensed and certified with extensive experience.

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