Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Training and Trust Are Keys to Medical Grade Commercial Cleaning

Hclean dental office medical facilityealthcare facilities, more than any other industry rely on commercial cleaning services when cleaning their facility. Medical facility cleaning services consist of three main goals:


  • Meeting strict federal safety and privacy requirements.
  • Protecting the health and safety of the medical team and patients.
  • Presenting a clean, attractive atmosphere that builds confidence between patients and their providers.


Unlike other buildings, cleanliness in medical facilities serve dual functions of providing both surface cleanliness and infection prevention.

Hospitals, clinics, dental offices and other medical facilities such as rehabilitation centers and veterinary clinics have very distinct needs, and require special care. Improperly cleaned facilities impact public perception and can result in the spread of infection and disease.


Commercial Cleaning Services Are Important in Medical Facilities


While healthcare-associated infections range from small to big, with proper cleaning they can be avoided all together. Healthcare-associated infections can happen when bacteria is transferred from the environment to a person. This can happen in a variety of ways such as contaminated surfaces, from equipment or between hands or gloves of healthcare workers.

HAI’s can occur in a variety of medical places such as clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, urgent care and more. Without the proper cleaning and sanitation, infections are easily transmittable between things such as medical devices like catheters and ventilators, procedures, patients and healthcare workers.


To provide the safest, most sanitary and presentable environment for patients, staff and visitors, medical offices and healthcare facilities must make cleaning their top priority.


The Benefits of Hiring Specialized Medical Office Cleaning ServicesMedical Facility Cleaning Services

Regardless of the type of health care facility, all medical offices and settings are expected to be free of dust, dirt and disease. Due to the variety and critical nature of services that medical offices provide, many organizations rely on commercial cleaning companies to maintain the highest standards in cleanliness and sanitation. Using a commercial cleaning company that specialized in healthcare and medical facilities has several important benefits.

1) Safer and Healthier Environment

In health care, providing a healthy environment is a necessity. By using professional medical facility cleaning services, healthcare places limit the risk of the spread of disease and infection. An important benefits of a clean and sanitary environment is that patients have a greater opportunity and success rate to recover because of the reduction of exposure to pathogens and the reduction of contagious illnesses being passed on to staff.

2) A More Presentable Appearance to the Medical Facility

Medical facilities do not have down days they need to be sanitized and cleaned every day. The physical condition of any office or medical facility makes an impression on patients and their families, staff and visitors.

A clean and tidy space, regardless of its setting, is often thought to be more professional and reliable than one that is unkempt. A professionally maintained facility contributes to patient satisfaction, which is one of the priorities of all medical professionals.

A clean healthcare setting builds trust between the patient and provider as well as creates an inviting atmosphere where patients can recover in comfort and their loved ones can feel confident in the care they are receiving.

3) Provides Consistent Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Because of the type of care medical and healthcare facilities provide combined with the amount of high traffic, a medical facility needs more than a daily once-over. Healthcare facilities are the type of commercial setting that benefit from consistently receiving a thorough, professional cleaning.

Providing a consistently clean and sanitized environment is not an easy task to achieve. One way to achieve this goal is using a cleaning crew that is trained in medical procedures and protocols. By selecting a professional commercial cleaning company that has quality control guidelines in place, you will ensure your offices and facilities are receiving the services needed to meet the high standards of cleanliness required in the healthcare industry.

A commercial cleaning company that specializes in healthcare facilities will have the training and experience to easily manage the multifaceted needs that come with maintaining the health and safety of a healthcare facility.



When considering a commercial cleaning service for medical look for the following experience:


  • Disposal of Waste and Contaminants:

    There is so much disposal of waste and other material in the healthcare field. Commercial cleaners should be properly trained in the disposal of bio-waste.

  • Hospital-Grade Disinfectants:

    Professional commercial cleaners use hospital-level disinfectants in order to guarantee a disinfected and sanitized space free of germs. Your commercial cleaners should understand and follow protocols and guidelines that incorporate these high-level cleaning products within your medical facility.


  • Preventing of cross-contamination:

    Your medical cleaners should have strict rules to avoid the cross-contamination between medical equipment, products and people.


  • Training and education:

    Communication  of employees and contractors is a needed component of the health and safety of your medical facility. Using professional cleaners ensures that training and safety protocols happen regularly within your facility.


  • Everyday maintenance:

    From cleaning highly trafficked spaces like lobbies, patient rooms and offices to deep bathroom cleaning and disinfection, professional cleaners will have the experience to handle all spaces within your medical facility.


  • Cleaning a variety of spaces:

    Training and experience is a must when it comes to cleaning any medical or healthcare facility, especially in large hospitals. No area is exempt. From operating rooms to kitchens and offices, hospitals are massive in scope.


Why Choose Commercial Cleaning Corp?

Whether you’re looking to ensure the health and safety of your dentist office, urgent care clinic, veterinarian office or hospital, you can count on Commercial Cleaning Corporation to exceed your expectations in both cleanliness and infection prevention/control as well as aesthetics. We offer health care industry cleaning services in Bucks County, Trenton, Princeton, and more. Contact us for a free consultation. Visit our Medical Cleaning Services page for more information about what we offer.

When working with Commercial Cleaning Corporation you will benefit from a healthier, more attractive, consistently clean facility. You will also receive high marks from patients, visitors and staff alike.

Commercial Cleaning Corporation provides everyday cleaning services such as dusting, vacuuming and trash removal while also offering specialized services. From hospital chains to medical offices, Commercial Cleaning Corporation can create a healthy environment that meets or exceeds industry standards.


With advanced training and experience we can help oversee the health and safety of your patients and staff. We will help prevent the spread of germ, bacteria and pathogens in your office and medical facility.