Top 5 Areas for Professional Cleaning

In this blog, we’re looking at the top five areas of your business that will benefit most from professional cleaning services.

A clean business makes a great first impression and can mean happier and healthier employees. Anytime the seasons change, it’s the perfect chance for businesses to reassess the state of their property and reinvigorate a few key areas.

The Top 5 Areas for Professional Cleaning

germs in the office

  1. Window Washing
  2. Dusting
  3. Surface Cleaning
  4. Carpet Cleaning
  5. Hard Floor Cleaning


  1. Window Washing

The windows throughout your building are among the first things customers and visitors set their eyes on when entering your space, so they need to reflect well on your business. Commercial window cleaning helps control germs and prevent mold growth, positively impact your business’s appearance, and contributes to a healthy atmosphere for those working in your facility. Always employ the help of a professional window cleaner to ensure this potentially dangerous job gets done safely, quickly, and cost-effectively without interrupting your workplace.

  1. Dusting

Throughout year, dust, pollen, dander, and other microorganisms, matter, and debris proliferate through the air, coating every surface and settling in HVAC systems. As the colder months approach, we will begin closing doors and windows, which reduces air ventilation and further compounds the issue if not addressed appropriately. This dust accumulation dramatically decreases overall indoor air quality and may contribute to an increase in allergies.

Having your workplace dusted and your HVAC system professionally cleaned will reduce pollutants and protect your indoor air quality, creating a much happier and healthier environment for employees, customers, and visitors.

  1. Surface Cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies use specialized products and techniques that provide exceptional results for office cleaning. A thorough cleaning helps eliminate germs and bacteria that linger around your workplace, especially among high touch points and heavily trafficked areas. Keeping germs and bacteria to a minimum is one of the keys to reducing employee sick time throughout the year.

  1. Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and floors are germ sponges that see significant abuse from the elements year-round. People track grass, sand, dirt, and grime into the workplace throughout the year, contaminating spaces with germs and bacteria. An essential component of maintaining a healthy, clean building is to clean your floors regularly. Professional carpet cleaning services give you a fresh start to the season by removing all the dust, allergens, and everything else sitting on your carpet.

Deep cleaning the carpets at least once a year, and preferably more, can help keep them looking fresh and new. Vacuuming and steaming or sweeping daily will help cut down on germs as well.

  1. Post Construction Clean up

    Hard Floor Cleaning

Another great way to prepare your business for the summer months is to have your hard-surface floors commercially cleaned. During the warmer months, your employees, clients, and customers will be spending a lot of time outside, increasing the chance of introducing contaminants into your facility. Warm weather also means a significant increase in foot traffic to many businesses. Commercial floor cleaning and waxing can inject new life into your floors to make a great impression on customers and goes a long way in helping to protect and prepare them for the upcoming winter. But remember, you don’t have to wait for your floors to be filthy and worn before getting them serviced. Consider having your flooring professionally cleaned for the fastest service and longest-lasting results possible whenever you notice dirt or dullness.

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