Top 3 Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing in an Industrial Facility

Concrete floor polishing is typically the cost-effective option when building a large warehouse or industrial facility. But is it the most cost effective to cleaning a large warehouse? Arguably not, anyone who has been in an industrial facility with concrete flooring knows that rough, uneven surface of the concrete creates a haven for dusts and dirt particles to gather. The porous surface is also prone to absorbing any liquid spills. That is where concrete floor polishing can come in and offer a better solution for a more quality environment. Read more “Top 3 Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing in an Industrial Facility”

Top 5 Areas for Professional Cleaning

In this blog, we’re looking at the top five areas of your business that will benefit most from professional cleaning services.

A clean business makes a great first impression and can mean happier and healthier employees. Anytime the seasons change, it’s the perfect chance for businesses to reassess the state of their property and reinvigorate a few key areas.

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The Importance of Post-Construction Cleanup Pt. 2

In last week’s post we covered the importance of post-construction cleanup and the detailed cleaning tasks that need to be completed before a new, or newly renovated space is truly ready to open its doors.

This week we have broken down those tasks into three phases, the rough clean, the deep clean, and the final clean. Understanding the details of new construction cleanup will help you tackle this job and ensure that your post-renovation cleaning is effective and thorough.

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The Importance of Post-Construction Cleanup Pt. 1

Building renovations and new builds are so exciting, not only for the owners but for the community they will be serving. Recently, many cities throughout New Jersey have been awarded funding to help revitalize their communities, including the city of Trenton.

In April of this year, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs awarded  $11.4 million in funding to 18 community-based nonprofit organizations across the state through the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) Program. The nonprofit organizations will use the funding to implement revitalization plans that address housing and economic development, as well as complementary activities such as social services, recreation activities, and open space improvements. (1)

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The Importance of Post-Construction Cleanup

Construction work can be quite difficult and strenuous, from the inception of the project all the way to post-construction cleanup. The tasks involved are primarily manual labor such as loading and unloading materials, assembling and breaking down scaffolding, structures and barriers, digging of holes and tunnels, mixing, pouring, and leveling concrete, heavy lifting, and more. 

Not everyone is skilled in the handling of construction and demolition materials which is why any and all construction work should be left to the professionals. Professional construction workers allow for the timely completion of projects; however, it doesn’t end there. 

Debris and material remnants are often left behind by construction crews which is where post-construction cleanup comes in. In this blog post, we go over the benefits of post-construction cleanup in regards to safety, time, costs, and proper cleanup. Read more “The Importance of Post-Construction Cleanup”