Clean Room Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Corp specializes in clean room cleaning. We work with many pharmaceutical and medical facilities as well as manufacturing industries to provide clean room cleaning to our customers.

Clean Room Cleaning Services

Our cleaning professionals are well trained in ISO Cleaning, and we have extensive experience cleaning according to the ISO standards. From the proper cloths to the right disinfectant our company knows how to keep your cleanroom free of contaminates.

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What is ISO vs Class Clean Room Standards?

ISO cleaning standards were developed by the International Organization for Standardization they are a non-governmental organization designed to bring measurement standards to the world. Cleanroom classification numbers refer to the federal standard. While sometimes still referred to in older documents the federal class system was officially retired and superseded by the ISO standard in 2001.

ISO 14644-1 Vs Fed Std 209E Cheat Sheet

ISO 14644-1

FED STD 209E Equivalent

Iso Class 



Iso Class 1

Iso Class 2

Iso Class 3



Iso Class 4



Iso Class 5



Iso Class 6



Iso Class 7



Iso Class 8



Iso Class 9

Special Material Considerations

The following is some of the special considerations when handling specific ISO classes.

  • Coveralls – We use full clean room approved coveralls
  • Specialty Cleaning Cloths – The cleaning cloths used that are lint free
  • ISO Approved Chemicals – All cleaning chemicals used for cleaning are in accordance with ISO standards
  • Specialty Mops – We use dedicated lint free mops and buckets
  • Special Water – If water is to be used in certain cases it needs to be purified
  • Clean Room Paper – If paper communications are needed to enter the clean rooms, they should be on appropriate clean room paper
  • Clean Room Pens – Only approved clean room pens will be used in the facility


It is important that our cleaning professionals understand and follow the proper protocols for cleaning. Our cleaning company has specific rules that the employees follow when involved in clean room cleaning.

General Regulations for Cleaning Personnel

All Professional cleaning personnel should be aware and follow these regulations at all times.

  1. All personal items such as keys, watches, rings, earrings, and other piercings, matches, lighters, and cigarettes should be stored in designated areas.
  2. Valuable personal items such as wallets may be permitted in the labs provided, they are never removed from beneath the cleanroom garments.
  3. No eating, smoking, or chewing gum allowed inside the cleanroom.
  4. Only garments approved for the specific labs involved should be worn when entering.
  5. No cosmetics shall be worn in the labs. This includes rouge, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeliner, false eyelashes, fingernail polish, hair spray, mousse, or the heavy use of aerosols, after shave lotions, colognes and perfumes.
  6. Only approved lab paper shall be allowed in the labs.
  7. Approved ballpoint pens shall be the only writing tool used.
  8. Fast motions such as running, walking fast, or horseplay is prohibited.
  9. No one who is physically ill, especially with respiratory or stomach disorders, should enter a controlled environment.
  10. All cleaning supplies and equipment must be in compliance with class 100 particles count
  11. Nightly service shall begin after 7pm each evening
  12. Personnel will wear safety classes in all labs