6 Things to Do Right Now to Organize Your Workspace

Working in clutter is a challenge most of us struggle with at some point in our lives. Clutter makes it difficult to get things done, to find what you need, and to live in an orderly and efficient manner. When we spend time everyday looking for our keys or trying to find that important document, we can become frantic and stressed, allowing this negative daily energy to build up over time.

One of the less obvious affects that clutter has is the impact on our mental clarity. Clutter contributes to our inability to think clearly, increases stress levels, and drains our mental and physical energy.

Fortunately, Commercial Cleaning Company is here to help get your year started off in the right direction with some helpful office organizing tips. These tips will help you create a clutter-free environment and help you feel better while boosting your productivity.

Sort Everything on Your Desk

Maintaining a clean and organized office requires prioritization! The key to getting started is to get it scheduled on your calendar. It is far too easy to forget or push a task that seems daunting to another day. By scheduling a specific date and time for all your tasks you will be more likely to get started and be successful.

Begin by taking stock of all the items you have at your desk and in your desk drawers and identify things that are no longer useful that you can toss. Consider the last time you needed or used an item. If it has been more that six months there’s a good chance you won’t miss it.

If you have items that you rarely use or must keep, store them in an area that is out of your way and not in your immediate workspace. Don’t let rarely or unused items take up prime real estate at your desk. Working at a clean and organized desk will help you feel less overwhelmed, giving you that extra energy you need to conquer your daily tasks.

Go Digital

The pandemic brought offices to a standstill and forced companies to rethink the best way to operate. Remote work is continuing to rise across many industries and more people are getting comfortable working in digital environments.

As we move further into the digital era there is no reason to have paperwork piling up on your desk. Paper documents not only have a harsh impact on our environment, they contribute to the challenging task of maintaining a clean office.

There are plenty of affordable digital solutions to handle virtually any business-related task you can think of. Many of today’s applications allow you to create copies, collaborate on drafts, and easily save files to your drive. Implementing this change can be challenging at first, but once you get comfortable going paperless, you will never look back.

Get a Desk Organizer

Do you find yourself having a hard time locating things at your desk? Then it’s time to get an organizer. There are numerous organizers on the market to fit your specific needs and provide a space for pens, sticky notes, and paperclips, among other office supplies. If you must have paper files look for organizers that include a file holder to help keep folders and papers in one place.

Avoid Eating at Your Desk

Out of all the office cleaning tips out there, this is the one many people find to be the hardest. A busy and hectic workload can get so overwhelming at times that taking a lunch break may seem impossible. On days likes these it is tempting to have lunch at your desk.

Eating at your desk not only makes your meal less enjoyable, but it also contributes to a messy desk. Eating at your desk also invites unwanted pests to your space. Never store food items at your desk or in filing cabinets.

Make it a priority to step away from your desk to enjoy meals and snacks and give yourself a mental break as well. By doing so you will find your work area must easier to manage.

Organize Digital Files

Even if you’ve gone paperless, it does not mean your digital files can be ignored. A messy desktop is just as distracting as a messy desk. Depending on your industry, we suggest organizing your folders by assignments, years, clients, or projects.

Don’t forget to schedule a routine time to clean out old files to keep your desktop as organized and clean as possible.

Reassess Frequently

A clutter-free desk requires regular upkeep. In addition to sorting papers daily, scan your desk frequently to ensure everything that’s there should be there. Make a habit of straightening up your desk weekly to ensure it remains clean and organized.