Follow These 5 Steps When Moving Out of Your Office Space

When it’s time to move on from your current commercial space, there is a laundry lists of tasks that will need to be completed. Not only are you going to need to pack up and coordinate the move, you will also need to clean up for the next tenant.

An office move can feel completely overwhelming when you think about the long, backbreaking process of getting everything from your current location to your new one and cleaning the space.

We have broken down the large task of cleaning when moving into 5 simple steps that can help you stay organized, reduce your stress, and save you time and energy.

Pack Up Everything Before You Clean

There are many tasks associated with moving out of a space and the last thing you want to do is double your work. A common mistake made by many when moving out of a space is cleaning before you’re fully moved.

If you begin cleaning while the move is still underway you will find yourself having to repeat many tasks and becoming unnecessarily frustrated and overwhelmed.

Due to the constant debris and dust from packing materials and additional dust and dirt kicked up from moving office furniture and equipment, it is best to leave the deep cleaning until your office is completely empty.

Once the office is empty you can better understand what cleaning needs to be done and start knocking tasks off your to-do list.

Create a Staging Area for Your Packed Boxes

If logistics allow, move boxes, equipment, and furniture to your new facility right away. If you are limited on time between your move-in and move-out date, create a dedicated area in your office space where all of the packed boxes can be staged.

A dedicated area will allow your office to remain organized and streamlined if you have employees still completing business as the move begins.

By dedicating a specific area to your move, you will be able to evaluate and coordinate logistics as you work through packing the office.

Clean From Top to Bottom

As you begin to clean offices and open areas, remember that all of the dust and spiderwebs that get cleaned during the process will eventually find their way to the floor.

Clean and dust ceilings, windows, and high shelving first before sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming so you are not doubling your workload. Make any repairs needed as you go.

Given Special Attention to Windows

Dirty windows can take all the attention away from the hard work you have put into preparing your space. Spend some extra time on the windows to ensure the glass is cleared of all smudges and dust that may have accumulated during your time in the space.

Be sure to give attention to the window casings and the glass. Using a window cleaner, vacuum, and simple rag can work wonders in leaving your windows looking brand new.

Tackle the Bathrooms and Kitchen Last

While everyone is hard at work packing up and cleaning out the facility, the bathroom and kitchen will most likely still be used until you’re ready to turn out the lights.

These areas tend to be the most used spaces in the office and will need the most attention.

Your landlord will likely pay very close attention to your kitchen and restroom facilities, so make sure you really put some effort into addressing the little details in these areas.

Begin in the kitchen by sweeping and wiping down all surface areas, again from top to bottom, not forgetting corners, top of the fridge, knobs, and switches. Give the floor a deep clean by mopping while making sure to get all the corners.

Once you have finished with the kitchen, move to the bathrooms. Scrub down the toilets and sinks, sweep and mop floors, and remove any smudges, water spots, or soap from the mirrors to give this space a final sparkle.

Final Thoughts

While cleaning a commercial space can be performed by you as the current tenant, many people underestimate the time and energy it takes to prepare a new office, pack, move, and wrap up the cleaning in their former office space.

When moving out of your current space, consider hiring a commercial cleaning company who can take care of the job for you so you can focus and the next stage of your business.

Commercial Cleaning Corporation are experts when it comes to cleaning commercial spaces and can take care of all of the cleaning processes for you so you can make your move as seamless as possible.

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