Tackle Office Cleaning with Confidence: Download Our Comprehensive Checklist


Keeping your office clean on a regular basis or between professional cleanings doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are various areas in an office that need attention when cleaning and disinfecting, but how do you know which areas need just cleaning and which areas need a deeper disinfection?

We’ve created a comprehensive checklist that breaks down various areas of an office that should be cleaned and disinfected, as well as what needs to be cleaned regularly and periodically over the course of a year. You can download our checklist here: Office Cleaning Checklist and print it out for easy use.

The breakdown of the checklist is as follows:

  • General
  • Main entrance/Lobby
  •  Private offices/Conference rooms/Suites
  • Elevators
  • Warehouse area
  • Stairs and landings
  • Restrooms
  • Break room/Kitchen
  • Weekly Cleaning
  • 2x Monthly Cleaning
  • Monthly Cleaning
  • 4x Yearly Cleaning
  • 2x Yearly Cleaning

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Daily Office Cleaning Tasks

□ Turn off all lights except those to be left on, close windows and lock all

doors, report evacuation of building to security organization

□ Review/ check  communication log

□ Remove all cobwebs

□ Vacuum  all carpet daily

□ Empty receptionist wastebasket and  recycling,  then  replace  with  new

liners and transport trash / recycling to  designated area for removal

Main Entrance/Lobby Cleaning Checklist

□ Dust and damp clean reception workstation and lobby furniture

□ Clean and sanitize reception telephone

□ Clean and  remove all finger marks from all entry doors, inside vestibule

door glass, and all lobby and corridor interior glass partitions daily

□ Remove finger marks from all painted walls

□ Clean metal bright work, including baseboard unit, window frames, etc.

□ Dust mop and damp mop hard surface flooring

□ Vacuum floor mats daily

□ Empty smoking urns at front and rear door

 Offices/Conference Rooms & Suite Checklist

□ Spot clean soils and stains on carpeted and resilient floors

□ Dust mop and damp mop hard surface flooring

□ Vacuum all  carpeted  areas  using  a  high  efficiency  triple  filter  vacuum cleaner

□ Wipe bases of conference room chairs and wipe clean all door glass

□ Dust and damp wipe desks, chairs, conference tables, end tables, and

glass desktops and tabletops

□ Remove soil marks from laminate desks that are clear of papers and other work items

□ Dust all exposed filing cabinets, bookcases, and shelves

□ Dust, clean, and sanitize all telephones

□ Clean  and sanitize fountains / water coolers, and empty any excess  water

  • Low dust all horizontal surfaces to hand height (70″ ) including sills, ledges, molding, shelves, picture frames, ducts, radiators, etc.

□ Clean entire interior partition  and  door glass

  • Remove dust and cobwebs from ceiling areas

□ Clean and polish all bright metal

  • Return all furniture to original position

Elevator Cleaning Checklist

□ Vacuum and spot clean carpeted areas

  • Dust mop and damp mop hard surface floor

□ Wipe down interior and exterior doors leaving no visible smudge marks

□ All inside elevator panels should be wiped clean and free of fingerprints, smudges, etc.

□ Clean elevator saddles and door tracks

  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling grills
  • High dust light fixtures

Warehouse Area Cleaning Checklist

□ All warehouse bathrooms, top of lockers, showers, sinks, floors etc. are to be cleaned and disinfected daily

□ Warehouse floor and basketball  court  is to  be  free from  dust; loose dirt using a vacuum or a dust mop daily

□ Clean the counters, tables, and chairs

  • Empty the stainless-steel trash compactor
  • Place correct trash liner inside this compactor

□ Wipe clean and sanitize all gym equipment daily

□ Wipe clean all gym room mirrors leaving no visible fingerprints  /smudges

Stairs and Landings Cleaning Checklist

□ Sweep and vacuum stairs

□ Wipe down metal railings and glass railings

□ Wipe down the side panels alongside all of the steps

Restroom Cleaning Checklist

□ Clean, sanitize, deodorize, and polish all fixtures including toilet bowls, urinals, and hand basins

□ Clean all glass

□ Empty  wastebaskets  and  sanitary  napkin  disposal   receptacles,  then replace with new liners and transport trash to designated area for removal

□ Damp wipe exterior of waste cans and dispensing units

□ Clean and polish all bright work

□ Polish all stainless-steel dispensers and receptacles

□ Clean and dry all mirrors

□ Spot clean all tiled walls, doors, and partitions to remove marks and stains

□ Refill  all  dispensers  to  normal  limits,  including  sanitary  napkins,  soap,

tissue, towel, trash liners, seat liners, cups, etc.

□ Low dust  all  horizontal  surfaces  below  36″,  including  sills,  moldings,

ledges, shelves, frames, ducts, heating outlets, etc.

□ High dust above hand height all horizontal surfaces including shelves, sills,

partitions, ledges, moldings, etc.

□ Sweep and damp mop hard floors with germicidal disinfectant

□ Replace extra toilet paper on toilets

Break Room / Kitchen Checklist Cleaning

□ Empty, clean, and sanitize all waste containers and recycling receptacles

□ Clean  and  sanitize drinking fountain/ water  cooler

□ Damp clean and sanitize seats, backs of chairs, tabletops, counters, and cabinet fronts

□ Spot clean doors, frames, light switches, kick and push plates, handles, vending machines, walls, and interior glass

□ Clean and polish stainless-steel appliances

□ Clean and sanitize sinks

□ Low dust (below 36″) and  high  dust (above  72″) all  horizontal  surfaces, including sills, ledges, etc.

□ Dust mop and damp mop resilient and hard floors

□ Vacuum all carpeted floors in their entirety

  • Pull out rolling file cabinets and dust them

□ Vacuum area under rolling cabinets

  • Dust blinds
  • Remove dust and cobwebs from ceilings
  • High dust above arms reach and all horizontal surfaces, including shelves, moldings, and ledges

□ Clean inside of microwave in kitchen



  • Machine buff vinyl flooring



□ Wash restroom  booth  partitions

□ Wash interior of waste cans and sanitary disposal containers in restrooms

  • High dust all walls, ledges, pictures, and registers public areas not reached in normal nightly cleaning
  • Dust all light fixtures in public areas
  • Dust all light fixtures in offices and conference rooms

□ Wash outside of exterior windows


□ Wash inside of exterior windows every three months


□ Wash tile walls in restrooms

□ Scrub bathroom floors


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