The Essential Classroom Cleaning Checklist

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Updated for 2023 we have added a classroom cleaning checklist in downloadable pdf form. You can also check out our ultimate school cleaning guide that has valuable disinfectant information for schools.  Classrooms are the epicenter of learning; the place where young minds are molded into the great thinkers of tomorrow. They are also one of the most dirt-ridden places, harboring an unimaginably high concentration of germs, grime and viruses due to the high level of human traffic and shared space. With student’s hands averaging 1,200 aerobic bacteria per square inch1, it’s no surprise that classrooms are in constant need of deep-cleaning. Luckily, there are periodic cleaning activities that students, staff and teachers can perform to keep the never-ending tide of germs and grime to a minimum.

Follow this classroom cleaning checklist to cut down the amount of harmful bacteria and dirt in your school’s learning spaces to ensure a healthy experience for students and teachers alike. If you’re still having trouble keeping your classroom clean, it may be time to contact a commercial cleaning company for their services. 

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