Understanding Commercial Floor Cleaning and its Benefits

It can be easy to take floors for granted when it comes to a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance plan for your facility. However, floors are just as important as any other part of a building, if not even more so.

Clean and shiny floors are a key aspect of any well-maintained building and successful business. However, over time, floors can easily become scuffed, worn, and permanently dirty. This can happen sooner if routine floor care and maintenance is neglected.

Industrial floor cleaning services can help take the responsibility off you and your staff so you can focus on the work you do best. Commercial floor cleaning not only includes basic cleaning and disinfection, it also includes stripping and waxing.

What is Floor Stripping and Waxing?

Many hard floors, such as linoleum, acrylic, hardwood, and vinyl have a special wax coating to keep them shiny and make them easier to clean. The wax protects the flooring from dirt, debris, scratches, and cracking.

Stripping is the process of completely removing the preexisting wax coating, while waxing refers to re-applying a fresh coat of wax finisher. Stripping and waxing can be a difficult undertaking without the correct training, tools, and materials, so hiring a commercial floor cleaning company is strongly advised.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

Not only is the process itself rather involved, but proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is also required, which may not be readily available given our current public health crisis. Professional commercial floor cleaning services can provide proper preparation, implantation, and cleanup of a floor care project.

To properly strip and wax a floor, expensive appliances and tools are needed, including a floor scrubber, a wet-dry vacuum, and a floor buffer. Unless you are a commercial cleaner, you likely do not have these items at your facility.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the potential cost if the process is performed incorrectly. If a floor cleaning project goes awry, there could be potentially irreparable damage to already expensive floors, massive inconveniences to everyone involved, and an even bigger financial burden by having to replace sections of the floor, or even the entire floor.

At Commercial Cleaning Corporation, our cleaners are highly trained and experienced with complete knowledge of the proper equipment, PPE, and processes for maintaining hard floors.

Stripping and waxing a floor is something that can be done by someone on your team, but hiring an industrial floor cleaning service would be a safer and more cost-effective solution.

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