What is a Day Porter and Why Might You Need One?

When it comes to upholding your building’s presentation, there are many factors to consider. You’ve got to worry about tables, floors, lighting, trash, recycling, replenishment— and that’s just the interior aspect of your building. You’ve also got windows, sidewalks, parking lots, and landscaping as part of your building’s exterior maintenance. While these tasks can seem plentiful and overwhelming, there is help available at your disposal. Your building’s entryway is the first thing a client sees before they walk inside, and if you prefer to retain rather than deter them, then daily upkeep is needed.

Day porters, also known as day matrons, are the workers responsible for the daily cleaning and maintenance of a building. They often work in large spaces, such as office buildings, shopping malls, and hotels. Day porters provide an invaluable service in which they are trained to clean properly, ensure the safety of everyone in the building, and also have the capacity to handle a variety of tasks simultaneously. They are the workers you can trust to ensure your building always looks its best.

What Exactly Does a Day Porter Do?

Although they have very similar responsibilities, a day porter is not to be confused with a janitor. Day porters perform their duties during the day, alongside employees of the building they are working in. Since they work in large, public areas, they are trained to maneuver quickly and easily around crowds, while still getting the job done. Duties will vary depending on the preferences and requirements of the building’s facility manager, but the main reason for hiring a day porter is to maintain a safe and polished environment during normal business hours. Services provided by a day porter can include—

• Cleaning common areas, such as lobbies, cafeterias, and break rooms
• Cleaning restrooms and restocking supplies
• Cleaning and setting up conference rooms for various events
• Sweeping, mopping, and polishing floors
• Placing safety warning signs when necessary
• Breaking down boxes from deliveries
• Minor maintenance, including changing light bulbs, cleaning up spills, and dusting fixtures
• Exterior maintenance, including window cleaning, power washing walls, picking up litter outside of the building and tending flower beds
• Emergency maintenance as needed

Why Hire a Day Porter?

Hiring a day porter can be beneficial for your company if you want cleaning to be the least of your concerns. Day porters make for a great addition to the general upkeep of your building in between professional cleanings and janitorial services. The responsibilities of a day porter can also be tailored to your specific needs and carried out without disruption to your day-to-day operations, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. Since they work during normal business hours, you can rely on them to assist you in other tasks to ensure your day runs smoothly, whether it’s last-minute event preparations or running a quick errand across the building.

If you are interested in hiring a day porter, please fill out this form and we will be glad to assist you in customizing the right cleaning services for your building.