School & Educational Facility Cleaning Services

Combat the spread of disease in high-touch and high-traffic areas to make educational experiences both safe and memorable. Our specialized building maintenance and janitorial services for schools ensure that students, staff, and visitors are safe, your facility is healthy while not interacting with or inhaling harsh chemical residues or harmful vapors from traditional cleaning products. From classrooms to restrooms, our best-practice education cleaning services, green cleaning products, and time-tested techniques help mitigate the transmission of diseases throughout K-12, university, and college facilities.

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Professionally Managed Janitorial
Services for Schools

Trust a reliable school cleaning company that offers a higher level of quality and care. With an electrostatic cleaner and environmentally friendly disinfectant in hand, our team members head to the hallways, classrooms, and lecture halls with the intention of cultivating a safer, more productive environment for your students and staff. We have more than 35 years of experience cleaning schools and use HEPA filters, green-certified cleaning products, and color-coded microfiber cloths and mops to prioritize health and safety in everything we do. We maintain a team of highly trained staff who have experience with unique school cleaning challenges and are managed through a multilayered system of supervision.

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Cleaning Company

Many students and staff are left vulnerable to a wide variety of diseases and conditions, not only during flu season but year-round, due to the large volume of occupants in schools, universities, and colleges. Education facilities often expose people to diseases that could be mitigated if school cleaning programs were updated to match new methods and cleaning practices. In-house janitorial services for schools can also lead to high overhead, employee turnover, liability issues, and personnel costs. The best approach is partnering with a school cleaning company like Commercial Cleaning Corporation to build cleaner, safer school and university environments. Work with us to create an efficient, tailored school cleaning services program that promotes the health of your student body and staff and saves you money.

Top Tips for School Cleaning
& Disease Mitigation

  • Educate students and staff on proper hand washing, coughing, and sneezing techniques
  • Install no-touch hand sanitizer dispensers near cafeterias and communal areas
  • Encourage students and staff to stay home when sick if circumstances allow
  • Invest in professional school cleaners that use advanced methods and tools
  • Disinfect desks and shared surfaces and dust cabinets and bookshelves
  • Vacuum carpeted floors, mop laminate floors, and polish concrete floors
  • Regularly wipe doorknobs, light switches, and other high-traffic touchpoints

State-of-the-Art Electrostatic Disinfection

At Commercial Cleaning Corporation, when called for we use electrostatic spray technology in addition to our other green cleaning products and methods to provide a more complete school cleaning service for K-12 schools and universities. This advanced tool uses electrically charged sanitizers to disinfect entire rooms and hard-to-reach places, wrapping around surfaces for maximum sanitation and efficiency.