When your business is healthcare, you can’t afford to mess around with your cleaning processes. With almost a century of experience, Commercial Cleaning Corp has medical office cleaning services down to a science. Our many clients in NJ, PA, and surrounding regions throughout the northeast trust us for their medical cleaning because our employees are trained in the latest infection control processes, use the proper medical grade chemicals, and have extensive checks and balances to ensure consistent quality service, whether it’s day one or day 1,001.

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Our Medical Cleaning Services Include

  • Doctor’s offices: Thorough cleaning and disinfection to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for staff and patients.
  • Dentist’s offices: Specialized cleaning processes designed to meet the unique needs of dental practices, including the sterilization of treatment areas.
  • Urgent care facilities: Rapid and comprehensive cleaning services to ensure these high-traffic areas are continually clean and safe.
  • Clinical care centers: Detailed cleaning of patient rooms, common areas, and labs to uphold the highest hygiene standards.
  • Assisted living facilities: Gentle and effective cleaning that ensures the comfort and health of elderly residents while respecting their living spaces.
  • Rehabilitation and special treatment facilities: Specialized cleaning procedures for areas that require specific care, such as physical therapy rooms or substance abuse treatment centers.
  • ISO and clean rooms: Strict adherence to protocols to maintain the integrity of these highly controlled environments.
  • Pharmaceutical: Cleaning services that comply with pharma manufacturing and research facility standards.
  • Medical manufacturing: In-depth cleaning processes that aim to prevent contamination and ensure the safety of medical products.

Health & Safety Partnership

At Commercial Cleaning Corp, we believe in more than just cleaning and disappearing. Our approach to cleaning healthcare facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and surrounding regions starts with partnership. We collaborate with you and your medical facility team to design a customized cleaning plan catering to your staff and patients’ needs. With a full range of services, we aim to create an environment that looks clean and ensures maximum safety and sanitation.

Professionally Managed Healthcare Cleaning Services

Our team, based in New Jersey, offers a comprehensive portfolio of professionally managed medical office cleaning services. With meticulous attention to detail and strict adherence to best cleaning practices, we keep your healthcare spaces optimized for safety while complying with all required guidelines.

Compliance & Environmental Cleaning

Given the current global health circumstances, we understand the importance of stringent infection controls more than ever. In this era dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide expert environmental cleaning services that help to mitigate risks and ensure disease remediation. Our cleaning procedures and methods meet the highest standards of microbial control, assisting your facility to be better prepared to face any high-risk environments.

A Legacy of Trust

Commercial Cleaning Corporation has been navigating through diverse healthcare environments since 1927. With almost a century of experience, we’ve gained unparalleled knowledge in managing healthcare facilities’ cleanliness and maintaining high hygiene standards.

Comprehensive Support

Whether your needs are single-service or enterprise-wide, Commercial Cleaning Corporation is ready to serve. By partnering with us, you can concentrate more on delivering expert care and focus on your organization’s growth while we ensure a clean, safe, and compliant healthcare environment.

How Our Cleaning Team Can Help

  • Delivers fast and compliant medical facility cleaning services
  • Ensures cleaning processes do not damage medical devices
  • Implements green cleaning methods to improve environmental conditions
  • Contributes to the fight against the spread of infections and diseases
  • Aids healthcare organizations in maintaining competitive standards
  • Creates an optimal environment for enhanced patient experiences
  • Establishes and enforces cleaning protocols and procedures
  • Manages the recruitment and supervision of cleaning staff or service providers
  • Procures and maintains cleaning supplies and equipment
  • Monitors and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Collaborates closely with healthcare providers for optimal service delivery

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Electrostatic Spray Technology

Environmental cleaning and infection control in healthcare facilities and medical offices are vital, and a trusted partner with medical cleaning expertise is a must-have. Commercial Cleaning Corporation comes fully equipped with the experience and tools to keep you compliant with guidelines for disinfection and sterilization while using green cleaning products and processes for maximum safety and efficiency.


Our electrostatic surface cleaner is part of our comprehensive range of solutions that allows sanitizers, mold preventatives, and disinfectants to wrap around surfaces for a complete clean. Electrostatic spray technology is an effective and efficient cleaning method only available through leading janitorial solution providers. Let Commercial Cleaning Corporation help you take control of your medical, hospital, or healthcare facility to protect the health of patients, visitors, and staff.

CDC Recommendations Regarding Your Cleaning Service Provider

The CDC and other leading health organizations acknowledge the growing necessity for medical facilities to outsource their environmental cleaning programs. With this shift towards relying on external services, your facility needs a dependable and experienced partner.

In alignment with these recommendations, our cleaning professionals work seamlessly with your team to ensure adherence to the highest standards and your specific policies. Our mission is to create a sanitary, safe environment for your patients while relieving your staff of the cleaning burden. To guarantee accountability, all standard program elements are clearly outlined for review and reference at any time. These elements typically include features like:

  • An organizational chart for all contract employees, highlighting reporting lines and responsibilities.
  • A detailed staffing plan for each patient care area, complete with contingency plans for additional staffing needs.
  • Information on the content and frequency of training for contract employees.
  • An outline of the cleaning schedules and methods for patient care areas aligned with facility policies.
  • Procedures for routine monitoring and feedback.
  • A list of cleaning supplies and equipment to be used.

If you need help getting started with any or all of these components, our experienced team is here to help. Fill out the form below to talk with an expert today.

Medical Facility Cleaning Resources

Explore these comprehensive resources for invaluable insights and practical tips for maintaining a spotlessly clean, health-oriented, and welcoming environment in your medical facility. From in-depth cleaning checklists to strategies for ensuring medical-grade commercial cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Corporation has you covered.