3 Easy Ways for Your Office to Make a Good Impression

We all know how important first impressions are. A clean and well-maintained office can influence your reputation, make, or break the success of your business, or influence the expectations of your customers and potential new clients.

All in all, creating and maintaining a clean and professional space can help build confidence with your current clients and be the difference in finding or losing new business relationships.

Running a business is no small task and with all its moving parts, it is easy to overlook the cleanliness and accumulating clutter in your commercial office space.

If you are looking to spruce up your space, or even give it a good overhaul, here are the key aspects to keep in mind.


Your commercial space should always smell fresh. For the good and the bad, scent can be one of our most powerful and memorable senses we have, and visitors will smell your office even before seeing it.

With a bustling office space full of staff, it can be challenging to keep on top of everything, but by staying on an overall cleaning schedule it can make a big difference.

Remove waste each evening and steer clean over overpowering scents, even if they are air fresheners or cleaning products. Clean food preparations areas regularly throughout the day and empty and removing waste at the end of each workday.


Dirty and stained carpets can greatly impact the impression your office gives. People may not directly notice, but carpets in need of cleaning can harbor unpleasant odors and add an unkept, and even gloomy feel to your space.

Have your cleaning staff or cleaning service vacuum carpets daily, or as often as possible. Investing in regular professional carpet cleaning can have a big pay off by not only creating a great visual appearance but can help keep your staff healthy.


Sometimes keeping clutter at bay in a busy office can be difficult. When you look around your office do you see piles of paper, boxes and other office items lying around with no rhyme or reason?

Clutter will be the first thing any visitor will notice as soon as they enter your office. It is easy to overlook or become blind to the clutter when you’re in the office each day.

Clutter creates the impression that you have a disorganized business and will not instill confidence in your ability to provide you clients with best-in-class service.

Try the following:

  • Cull any items or paperwork that are no longer necessary or relevant.
  • Create storage solutions for paperwork that needs to be kept and give every item a home.
  • Stores items in the locations where they are used if possible, making it easier for items to go back in their homes.
  • Label, label, label! Using labels to identify where items can be found and belong will help your everyone in the office place items in their home and encourage everyone to keep your area looking nice and tidy.

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