How to Keep Your Ceiling Tiles Clean and Dirt Free

Last week we talked about 3 key elements to focus on to ensure that your office gives a professional first impression; keep it smelling fresh, clear clutter, and cleaning your carpets.

This week we are going to focus on an often forgotten and not-so-obvious area – your office ceiling.

While you may have been focusing on what is right in front of you, like your floors, office clutter, and restrooms, one of the biggest indicators of an unclean office is your ceiling.

Put down your coffee for a moment and turn your eyes skyward and take a good look at your ceiling, paying close attention to the corners.

If you haven’t been staying on top of this chore, you mostly likely noticed dust, cobwebs, dirt, and possibly some stains.

Why is cleaning your office ceiling tiles important?

Cleaning your office ceiling tiles is as important as cleaning your floor, restrooms, and kitchens. This type of cleaning should be done routinely and here’s why:

  • Cobwebs can build up quickly giving your office a dingy and neglected look.
  • A buildings’ mechanical systems, wires, HVAC ducts, and structural elements often run through this area. Neglected ceiling tiles have the potential for unseen fire hazards.
  • Dirt and stains on the ceiling can make your office look dirty and suggest that there are other overlooked maintenance issues.
  • If ceiling tiles are properly cleaned and maintained, the tiles will last longer while providing a great first impression and cost savings in the long term.
  • A clean ceiling contributes to the overall aesthetic of your office. Visitors to your office are likely to notice your ceiling more often than you would expect.

After you’ve assessed the condition of your ceiling tiles, it’s time to review a few things that can make your office shine from top to bottom.

Ventilation Systems

A well-maintained ventilation system contributes so much to the overall health of your employees and the cleanliness of your office.

An overlooked ventilation system collects dust particles that pick up static, increasing the potential for them to stick to your ceiling and causing it to become dirtier much quicker.

You should replace ventilation filters often and as recommended, and don’t forget annual duct cleaning.

Dust and Vacuum

Start with a good, old-fashioned sweep with a clean broom. Pay attention to air ducts and corners.

Try using the extension wand on your vacuum for a little extra cleaning power. Use the dust brush tool and/or a crevice tool to clean dust that accumulates on any supply or return air vents.

Be sure to examine the grid systems for bends and make repairs as necessary while checking for leaks in the ceiling and roof areas.

Try Hydrogen Peroxide

If you are comfortable using a strong enzymatic cleaner, you can apply a professional hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning product.

Giving your tiles a good scrub, especially in spaces like kitchens where grease and grime can age your tiles faster, it will make a world of difference.

If you are not familiar with how to use these products, reach out to a professional commercial cleaning company to get the job done quickly and safely.

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