Caring for Your Office Carpets During the Snowy Season

Winter weather can be especially tough on our office entryways with snow, water and salt being tracked through the office after a rain or snow storm. Here are three helpful strategies that will help you minimize wear and tear on your carpet and keep them clean and fresh through the upcoming snow season.

Start from the Outside

The best way to keep your office carpets clean and looking their best is to prevent the outside elements from making their way inside. Outdoor carpeting and mats at entryways help to trap dust, dirt and moisture that would otherwise make their way through the office via employees and guests shoes and boots.

Proper planning for snow and ice removal of office parking lots and sidewalks is another effective preventative strategy that will reduce unwanted elements making their way into your building.

Consider Temporary Mats

The unpredictable weather here on the east coast can fluctuate by the day, making planning around winter weather a challenge. Using temporary mats during the worst winter months can be a time saver and cost effective option to keeping your entryways clean and minimize wear and tear on your office’s permanent flooring.

Temporary mats can be easily wiped down and washed off and are designed to withstand the heavy traffic of wet and soiled boots that can cause permanent damage to your carpet.

When selecting temporary mats select a washable option and be sure to have them extend a couple of feet into the building.

Stay on Top of Spot Cleaning

Despite all our efforts, it’s impossible to prevent 100% of all moisture, dirt, and salt from making its way onto your office’s carpet and flooring.

A simple and effective way to prevent permanent damage or discoloration of your office carpets is to perform routine vacuuming and spot treat soiled areas quickly so you can remove dirt and debris before they become a ground-in stain.

Undo the Seasonal Damage

Once the messy winter season has ended, let Commercial Cleaning Corporation deep clean your carpets so they’ll be fresh and clean for the spring season.

With our comprehensive cleaning routine we can remove the last of the winter’s remnants and provide you with a clean and refreshed entryway for your employees!