How to Prepare Your Office for a Holiday Celebration

Holiday office parties are a tradition for many companies. It is a great time to take a break and socialize with coworkers in a relaxed setting. Office holiday parties are a great way to bring the year to a close, so it is important to make the event memorable and let your employees and their guests know how much you value them and the hard work they do.

To make sure the party is a success some preparation is required, and a big part of that preparation starts with a good office cleaning. The party planners at Commercial Cleaning Corporation have put together a list of everything you will need to know when it comes to preparing your office for a holiday celebration.

Choose the Most Suitable Party Area

It is recommenced to select one specific area to host your party to keep the mess to a minimum and help prevent an extensive cleanup afterward.

When choosing your space consider the number of guests, tables needed for food and beverage set up, seating if needed, and plenty of space to mingle and socialize.

Don’t forget to reserve the room with the office administrator and be sure to give yourself ample time for set up and breakdown if the room is used for meetings or other projects.

Designate a Cleaning Team Ahead of Time

Have your team review the area where the party will be held and determine if any prep work is needed such as decluttering, furniture arrangement, or additional cleaning.

Assign cleaning tasks to make sure all areas cleaned and sanitized and looking their best. If you have a regular cleaning service, reach out to them ahead of the party date and have them give the room some extra TLC.

Pre-party Cleaning

Before the day of the event, inspect the area to make sure it sparkles from top to bottom. The area should be clutter free, dusted from top to bottom, and receive a good vacuuming or mopping.

Don’t forget to clean windows and dust the sills. Table tops and counters should be sanitized and wiped down. Make sure to replace any lightbulbs that are missing or are no longer working. Set out additional trash bins in convenient spots to avoid litter being left on the floor or tables.

Use disposable table clothes for the food and beverages and dining tables to make after party cleanup a snap. Once the party is over you can simply fold up the tablecloth and throw it away leaving just a simple wipe down of the table to be done.

Don’t forget to empty out and clean the office fridge before the party so you have plenty of room for people to store their food items before the party and lots of room to keep the leftovers to enjoy later.

If you have limited time, hire a professional like Commercial Cleaning Corporation. We can take care of everything you will need to make sure everything looks perfect and leave you time focus on other party details.

Tidy Food and Beverage Areas During the Party

Now that you have your room ready to receive guests, all you really need to worry about is spot cleaning the food and beverage area during the party to help make the final clean up much quicker and easier.

With plenty of trash receptacles on hand, discard non-reusable food wrappings immediately and dispose of food trays as they are emptied. Have spare garbage bags on hand if needed and paper towels and spot cleaner to wipe up any spills as soon as they happen.

Depending on the size of your party and the number of guests, it may be advisable to keep a custodial team on standby and make sure that necessary cleaning tools such as mops, brooms, and towels are easily accessible to ensure that messes or accidents are cleaned up quickly.

Post Cleanup

Now that the party is over and your guests have said their goodbyes, it’s time for the final cleaning. Outsourcing your post-party cleanup can be a more cost-effective method than using office staff to tackle the mess.

Professional cleaners have access to advanced tools and products that allows them to work through large areas quickly.

If you plan to do the post-cleanup yourself follow this routine to make the job less demanding.

  • Remove large clutter and place everything into recycling or garbage bins.
  • Empty all of the trash into the outside dumpsters.
  • Wipe or mop up and standing liquids from tables, counters, or floors.
  • Take down holiday decoration and store the pieces you would like to keep in a large container. Discard any decor you do not want to keep.
  • Check all service floor mats for spills or stains and clean them.
  • Address any stains immediately on furniture or carpets.
  • Clean and disinfect bathroom facilities and dining areas.
  • Vacuum all carpets and mop hard-surface floors.
  • Wipe down and disinfect all horizontal surfaces.
  • Email your employees a reminder at the end of the day to take home any food items they brought to share or have saved from the party.

Many companies find that the end of the year is the perfect time to schedule their semi-annual professional deep carpet cleaning. It’s the perfect way to wrap up the year and have the office looking fresh and feeling clean for the new year.

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Happy Holidays from our team here at Commercial Cleaning Corporation.