Why You Need Professional Cleaning Services for Your School, Office or Lab

The need for a clean and safe office, school or R&D lab is more important than ever, especially when flu and cold season begins to rear its congested head. While some businesses rely on the services offered by independent janitorial services, they often lack standardized cleaning practices, techniques and follow-through that can leave your place of work a hot zone for resilient germs.

If an independent cleaning provider isn’t quite cutting it, it’s time to consider professional cleaning services that can rise to the occasion of keeping your workplace pristine and your staff healthy and productive.

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaning Services

  1. Professional & Quality Standards

Professional cleaning services are held to an incredibly high standard; not only are the products and equipment that professional cleaning services use up to code, but their staff members are also held to a higher standard. Staff is comprised of competent cleaning professionals who have undergone thorough training while professional cleaning services feature quality control and workforce management measures. While professional cleaning services offer general janitorial services, they also offer a variety of specialized services that keep your workplace as clean as possible, such as:

  • Floor and Carpet Cleaning
  • Pandemic Remediation
  • Electrostatic Disinfection
  1. Cleaning Technology

Harmful germs, dirt and grime can hide in the floors and carpets of your business, waiting to be kicked up by the passing feet of workers or clients. Using industrial vacuums and other advanced techniques such as vapor cleaning and electrostatic disinfection, professional cleaning services can pull particles large and small from heavily trafficked carpets and floors that would otherwise be free to wreak havoc on your occupants’ health.

  1. Specialized Services

Professional cleaning services utilize heavy duty cleaning products that aid in pandemic remediation; essentially killing viruses and bugs that can cripple a workforce. Successful pandemic remediation requires precision and attention. Leaving any door knob or phone handle dirty can aid cold and flu viruses to regain a foothold in your office or workplace. Every business that cares for their own R&D or lab facilities knows the rigorous regulations put in place by organizations like OSHA to guarantee a clean and successful work space for all its employees.

In addition to a successful Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), or other plans to be put in place by business administrators, the specialty cleaning services offered by a professional cleaning service can drastically improve the cleanliness, and in effect, the safety of your R&D or lab facilities. From clean rooms that require sterilization to labs filled with valuable materialsm samples and equipment, the multitude of factors associated with successfully cleaning a specialized facility are best left in the hands of a professional cleaning service.

Specialized facilities don’t end in the lab or research department. Efficient kitchen sanitation is a cornerstone to any successful food service organization. Restaurant owners are aware of the extremely rigid guidelines set in place by Environmental Health Officers (EHO) when dealing with the cleanliness of their kitchen, preparation areas and storage rooms. If critical facilities aren’t up to regulation, this could lead to severe penalties and fines, which would mean loss of revenue, consumer trust, and in the worst-case scenario, loss of your business. By keeping hard-to-clean areas and equipment clean with the use of a professional cleaning service, the chances of lessening code violations skyrocket.

  1. Convenience

Apart from disinfection and cleaning services, some professional cleaning services also offer handyman and maintenance services, creating a convenient source for virtually any office need. If your business has or anticipates a specific sanitation or maintenance need such as replacing lighting components, ceiling tiles or conducting electrical or plumbing work, partnering with a professional cleaning service is your best, most convenient, bet.


While flu and cold season is the most daunting time of year when it comes to maintaining your employees’ and students’ well-being and your businesses’ or schools’ productivity and revenue, professional cleaning services can help year-round. By using specialized techniques, products and trained staff, they can actively reduce the number of harmful germs and pathogens running rampant in a given workspace.

Aside from keeping a workplace clean and disease-free, professional cleaning services also use eco-friendly techniques, equipment and products to help reduce the negative effects on the internal and external environment. Choosing the right professional cleaning service can keep employees healthy and productive, reducing lost revenue for your business.

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