The Ultimate Property Management Cleaning Checklist 

One of our specialties at Commercial Cleaning Corp. is facility common area cleaning services. We work with facilities of residential and corporate multi-tenant buildings. We use the following property management cleaning checklist to ensure you have consistent cleaning services. When you own real estate properties the last thing you want to be bogged down with-it facility services. Many of our property management clients have been with us multiple decades because of our consistent quality services. We service New Jersey, Bucks County and more with our property management cleaning janitorial services.

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How to Find Tenants for Your Property

Property maintenance is known as the general upkeep of your building which includes cleaning, repairs, and landscaping. It plays a huge role in not only keeping your current tenants happy but also in attracting new tenants to rent from your property.

To help landlords find new tenants, we’ve compiled a list of different maintenance methods that can get their vacancies filled and start increasing profits.

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Increase Property Value and Building Assets with Routine Cleaning

There are a multitude of benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning company for your facility, including maintaining the physical assets of the building, leaving a good impression with staff, visitors, worshipers, students, and others, and overall convenience and cost efficiency.

A very important aspect of a building’s monetary value is the condition of the physical assets, such as carpets, hard surface floors, and windows. Routine maintenance and cleaning of these assets can help increase the property value of your building.

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