Increase Property Value and Building Assets with Routine Cleaning

There are a multitude of benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning company for your facility, including maintaining the physical assets of the building, leaving a good impression with staff, visitors, worshipers, students, and others, and overall convenience and cost efficiency.

A very important aspect of a building’s monetary value is the condition of the physical assets, such as carpets, hard surface floors, and windows. Routine maintenance and cleaning of these assets can help increase the property value of your building.

Consistent Care and Maintenance to Increase Longevity of Carpets

Having clean carpets that are free from tears, frays, and stains can make a good lasting impression on someone about your organization. However, if a carpet is not cleaned and maintained routinely, tears and stains will accumulate over time.

Without routine maintenance, daily wear and tear, dust, dirt, and other abrasive particles sink into the carpet, which wears away at the fibers and causes them to deteriorate at a much faster rate. This leads to growth of harmful bacteria and creates an unhealthy environment.

Not only is installing a new carpet an expensive and inconvenient undertaking, it is also easily avoidable by hiring a commercial cleaning company that offers professional carpet cleaning services.

Maintaining Hard Surface Floors for an Outstanding Image

Hard floors should not go unnoticed either. It is crucial to be consistent with the upkeep of hard surface floors as dirt and other debris can easily settle into the seams between floor tiles and hardwood floor slats.

A regular schedule of stripping and waxing of floors and other maintenance for specific types of hard floors is a must. This can help prevent cracking of the floor material, growth of bacteria and mold between crevices, and can keep the floor looking brand new. Maintaining hard surface floors can also prolong the need for replacing flooring throughout a facility, saving time and money.

Having hard floors that look clean, shiny, and like new does not go unnoticed and can attract new tenants, employees, worshipers, students, or visitors to your facility while making a lasting impression.

Simple Window Care for Increased Property Value

Another simple way to increase commercial property value is to properly care for windows. When windows are neglected and left to gather grime, etching becomes much more likely. When this happens, unwelcome pollen, calcium, and harmful bacteria can build up in these tiny crevices and sink into the pores of the glass, which in turn causes the glass to degrade.

This can happen on both the outside and inside of a window, which is why it is important to hire a commercial cleaning company that offers both interior and exterior window cleaning.

A facility that has nicely painted and clean windows inside and out can help attract the right people, whether they be new employees, tenants, worshipers, or students. Keeping up on window maintenance can also help your organization save on heating and cooling costs by keeping the seals from cracking and degrading.

Hiring Outside Professional Help

Having a professionally cleaned building is also a huge boon for the image of your organization and overall appeal. People are much more likely to think highly of an organization if it is in a clean, professional, and well-kept building.

In addition to maintaining building assets and company image, another merit of commercial janitorial services is the overall convenience and cost. A commercial cleaning company can work around your organization’s schedule, allowing for a deeper and more thorough cleaning.

It is impractical to perform certain cleaning tasks like vacuuming during the workday. Having staff or volunteers properly clean and disinfect a bathroom during operating hours can be difficult. However, with a commercial cleaning company these crucial tasks can be accomplished during non-operating hours.

Having your staff perform routine cleaning and disinfecting could be an issue as they may not know the proper equipment and procedures for different surfaces and objects. Leaving your business’s cleaning in the gloved hands of a trusted professional cleaning service cuts back on stress, time, and money.

Ultimately, professionals can do an expert job in a shorter amount of time with the proper tools and knowhow. Whether it is protecting and maintaining your windows and floors or the health of your employees, hiring a commercial cleaning company is a fantastic way to increase the commercial property value of your organization’s building.

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